Memes Asking Staff to Clean up After Themselves in the Office Kitchen Replaced with Death Threat


A series of light-hearted memes featuring cute animals and playful messages to clean up after yourself that were posted in a Sydney office kitchen has devolved into progressively more aggressive memes before being replaced with a simple yet stern death threat towards people who leave a dirty mug or bowl in the sink.

The woman who stuck up the notes, Rose Maynard, wishes to remain anonymous but shared her frustration with The Sydney Sentinel at her home address of 198 Albion Road, Parramatta.

“Death is a good motivator,” Rose said. “If no one would listen to a picture of a cute dog or panda telling them to clean up after themselves in broken English, they’ll certainly listen to the boom-stick I bought from the dark net last week.”

She added that things have been improving since she lured one repeat offender out the back of the office building and executed him last week.

“I’m not sure if it’s that people are cleaning up after themselves after hearing rumours of Brad’s demise, or that people have simply stopped coming to work for fear of their lives. But either way, it’s working much better than any meme could to ensure the kitchen stays clean,” she said.

Rose said she plans to take her no-nonsense approach to tidiness into her family home, with plans to announce capital punishment for household offences like leaving a towel on the floor or misfiring in the toilet.

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