HEARTWARMING: Food trucks more popular than ever.

Food trucks around the country have never been more popular, with families who have never eaten at a food truck before reported to now “can’t get enough” and are returning to line up three times a day.

The Minister of Eating said business is so good that food trucks are often forced to turn people away.

“This is a sign of a booming economy,” said the minister. “Look at the lines. They almost go all the way to China. Actually, those closer to the China end of the line may as well eat there, as they still serve Charcoal chicken, which we’ve banned as, you know, coal is bad and stuff.”

One former miner said our fear of using coal is likely why the lines are so huge, adding that “even people with the money to buy food can’t cook it, as there’s no electricity.”

A Salvation Army volunteer also wasn’t so optimistic.

“We aren’t a hipster food truck,” said the representative. “These people are hungry and need our service to survive, rather than boost their Instagram cred for eating something weird.”

“Something weird” has sadly summed up the situation for many Australians. “I used to donate to the Salvos, yet now I have to eat here due to the rising price of everything, everything and everything.”

Those wishing to eat are recommended to turn up five or so days before service to get fed, which the government says “is a positive sign that people are getting outside more after Covid. In fact, some Australians enjoy being outside so much, they stay there overnight.”

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