Twitter adds “thought CAPTCHAs” to protect users from opposing thought

Twitter today has announced a new security measure by adding thought CAPTCHAs to block ideas or arguments that challenge the leftist echo chamber safe space before they happen.

“Our thoughts and opinions are so airtight that we simply can’t allow exposing our users to other viewpoints,” said one Twitter representative. “So, it’s best we cancel any wrongthink from happening in the first place. As we all agree that only our view is credible.”

Those being cancelled or blocked from posting radical opinions like “there are only two genders” or “men can’t get pregnant” think otherwise.

“If their opinions were as strong as they say, surely they could stand up to scrutiny,” said one so-called Jewish Nazi. “However, the tolerant left prefer bans, censorship, threats and unpersoning rather than healthy discussion.”

One radical who Tweeted that “trans athletes may have an advantage over biological females,” said thought CAPTCHAs would have saved him a lot of trouble.

“My entire family was doxed [digging up and publishing private information about a person with malicious intent] for my Tweet,” said the man. “If only Twitter introduced thought CAPCHAs before I made such an outlandishly racistphobic Tweet, I’d still have my family, friends, job and home.”

“Opposing thought is literally terrorism,” said one Twitter user. “It’s simply impossible for anybody to have a viewpoint other than my own. Those who disagree must hate women, blacks, gays and whatever other thing we’re told to support at the minute.”

The most Un-Australian subreddit in the galaxy, r/Australia, is set to follow Twitter’s lead and also add thought CAPTCHAs.

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