Mainstream media go from pride month to pride destruction by censoring monkeypox facts

After a long and exhausting month of corporate and media virtue signalling for pride month, mainstream media and big tech have swiftly reverted back to homophobia by failing to warn gay and bisexual men of their disproportionate risk of contracting the monkeypox virus.

“The truth is homophobic, and anybody caught spreading inconvenient facts will be cancelled,” said a Twitter spokesperson – despite criticism that failing to report the truth is destroying the very people they pretend to be protecting.

“Anyone can get monkeypox,” added one doctor. “But if that someone happens to be gay or bi, their chances of contracting the virus go up to 98%. But protecting feelings rather than lives is far more important in 2022.”

“Waving a rainbow flag for a month means fuck all if the media won’t protect the LGBTQ population from a virus that is disproportionately hurting us for real,” said one gay man.

“Somehow, they believe adding gay orgies to kids’ movies is more helpful to the community. But even I struggled to explain to my son why Buzz Lightyear sucked off Woody for 15-minutes in Disney’s director’s cut of Toy Story.”

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