Woke fail as NRL jersey depicting Muhammad rejected by everybody

Another move intended to make Rugby League teams look good by pandering to minority groups has failed today, as the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs revealed their new jerseys for Islam Round – featuring an image of the Prophet Muhammad – offended everybody in Australia.

Visual depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are banned, leading to every single player for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, religious or not, standing down and refusing to play the round to show respect for the religion which the jerseys said to celebrate.

“It’s almost as if these corporations don’t even understand the causes they force down everybody’s throat,” said one Bulldogs player.

“It would be great if we could just play football,” said another player. “But these days, that’s clearly not enough, and we have to play identity politics too.”

“It’s amazing there’s any time left to play any football at all between all the Welcome to Country, BLM knee-bending, National Anthem in multiple languages, and whatever else we’re forced to do in the name of inclusion which comes naturally with most Australians anyway,” added another Bulldogs star.

The NRL is said to be adding every team emblem to all team jerseys to ensure no fan feels excluded or offended and comes away from every game feeling like a winner.

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