Benzo Bender Showbag Becomes Bestseller at Easter Show


The newly introduced Benzo Bender showbag has smashed previous records to become the bestselling showbag in the history of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The showbag, which contains Xanax and Valium, has been scooped up by parents, with some purchasing as many as 400 bags each.

“We thought it would do okay, but this is amazing,” a show spokesperson said. “It’s truly made a mockery of the previous champ, the Wizard’s Whopper, which now looks a bit limp.”

The Sydney Sentinel’s dedicated show correspondent visited the event yesterday but couldn’t get any comments from the thousands of barred out parents roaming the grounds, many of whom had passed out before even making it out of the showbag pavilion.

For those who can’t make this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Benzo Bender showbag is selling on eBay for triple the price.

One thought on “Benzo Bender Showbag Becomes Bestseller at Easter Show

  1. Are they for fucken real? Talk about LEGAL DEALING. I can only imagine the amount of mess’s walking around the show once that got out. TTTT not good NSW Government, Get your shit together.


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