Woman wearing “Love is Love” badge hates everybody

It has been confirmed today that an inner-city straight white female wearing several “Love is Love” badges, in fact, hates everybody. One gay man said he was met with scorn from the self-proclaimed spreader of tolerance for “not being gay enough”. “She said I was a sexuality traitor after I told her I have zero… Read More Woman wearing “Love is Love” badge hates everybody

Progressive tradie identifies as oi/c*nt 

One local tradie today has chosen the pronouns of oi/cunt, claiming anybody who rejects the tradesmxn’s gender identity is a bigot who should be cancelled and have their and their family’s life ruined on Twitter. His fellow tradies have labelled the move as pointless attention-seeking. “That’s what we call the cunt anyway,” said one colleague.… Read More Progressive tradie identifies as oi/c*nt