#PutOutYourMegaPints trending to pay tribute to Johnny Depp

In a world-first Johnny Depp has become the first man to win an argument with a woman by winning his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard in a story that went on for fucking ages. The jury found Amber Heard was “as truthful as a fortune cookie” and were also relieved they never married… Read More #PutOutYourMegaPints trending to pay tribute to Johnny Depp

Eye Contact Banned on Sydney Transport

Direct eye contact lasting more than three seconds with fellow passengers has been banned today on all Sydney transport, including train, bus and ferry travel, with an on-the-spot five-year prison sentence issued to anyone found violating the new law. The rule is being introduced after surveys revealed that “other people” is most travellers’ biggest problem with public transport.… Read More Eye Contact Banned on Sydney Transport

Cyclists Call For Pedestrian Registration

Angry cycling groups have called for a pedestrian registration program to be rolled out across Sydney following complaints of pedestrian misconduct causing cyclists to have to slow down on footpaths and stop at zebra crossings. “Pedestrians have had it their way on the footpath for far too long,” said one keen cyclist. “A licensing system… Read More Cyclists Call For Pedestrian Registration