Senator Lidia Thorpe awarded Biggest Drama Queen at Mardi Gras

Senator Lidia Thorpe has been awarded the Biggest Drama Queen at a gay march during last night’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian and ? Mardi Gras. Thorpe beat off drag queens and men who haven’t eaten for eight months to take out the award.

The former Greens member took out the award for laying down in front of the Australian Federal Police float, causing a massive pile up – which many marching behind her said they actually enjoyed.

Thorpe said that despite not being homosexual herself, that anyone in law enforcement couldn’t possibly be from the LGBTQIA+ community and shouldn’t be there.

Explaining, “Cops are all bad and all gays are perfect, closely behind every Aboriginal person except Warren Mundine and Jacinta Price, who are literally white.”

One attendee said, “Laying down is becoming a common theme for the bikie-rooting enthusiast,” adding “She definitely doesn’t stand for us.”

Despite causing such a nuisance, she not only took out an award for being the biggest drama queen of the night, and instead of facing charges, she was also gifted Oxford Street after pulling out her race card.


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