After Afterpay launches to help people pay off their Afterpay debt

A new service has been launched, allowing people to Afterpay their existing Afterpay debt.

The service promises to help Aussie battlers delay their debt until they die and pass on their debt to their inheritance beneficiaries.

“I’m still paying off my Afterpay debt for stuff I’ve already hocked to try to pay off the initial debt of purchasing luxuries like food,” said one Afterpay user.

“After Afterpay will keep me in the debt cycle without the pesky visits from debt collectors. I’m pretty certain Dog the Bounty Hunter came knocking the other day. Luckily I’m now homeless, so I could just move my box down the road a bit. But I couldn’t avoid Wallet Wizard putting a curse on me. That bloke’s darker than Voldemort”.

The Minister of Loan Sharks called the move “genius”. Adding, “people can now pass down their everyday expenses like brothel fees for generations to come, clearing everything except their conscience”.

For some reason, former Treasurer of Australia Joe Hockey chimed in on the issue, saying, “if people want to buy things like devon and sauce sandwiches or cordial, they should get richer parents”.

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