WHOOPS: devote Muslim gets tattoo of Muhammad

A young Muslim man today thought he was getting with current trends by getting a tattoo of the Prophet Muhammad inked across his back to show respect for his faith.

However, one senior Islamic and Australian community member calmly rubbished the man’s misguided tribute.

“Well, for starters, images portraying Mohammad are banned, and so are tattoos. So, this fella cops a double L for achieving both simultaneously,” said the older and wiser man. “I recommend he gets the tattoo removed at best or redone into something less offensive, like Optimus Prime fighting Megatron in the ’86 movie. I love that film so much.”

The man who got the ink has been hospitalised with chronic embarrassment pains.

“I thought I was strengthening my spirituality, but I only managed to bomb it worse than Lisa Wilkinson’s career,” said the broken man. “I’m due to raise money for Syria tomorrow by working in a topless charity carwash for the ladies, but now that’s out of the question. Maybe I’ll man the sausage sizzle in a long-sleeved shirt instead.”

The man isn’t the first to make a blunder in his faith, with further reports of a Catholic priest getting cricket scores with women on Tinder and a Jewish man lending money to a mate without charging interest.


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