WHOOPS: Climate pest Tim Flannery drowns in Warragamba Dam in an attempt to prove it’s empty

Former Chief Commissioner of the Climate Change Commission, Professor Tim Flannery, drowned today in Warragamba Dam, despite saying rain will never fill the dam again.

However, Mother Nature has proven the boob wrong, with the Warragamba dam not only overfilling but nearby homes have been evacuated due to Tim’s rejection of proposals to build higher dams on his insistence it will never sprinkle, let alone rain ever again.

Sadly, in a stunt to salvage his shattered credibility, Flannery drowned in Warragamba Dam today trying to prove it was emptier than his Australian of the Year award.

Tim’s “listen to the science” doomsday preaching through cherry-picking facts had the woke media and corporations causing our children to fear Armageddon was at hand.

Fortunately, there were no attempts to rescue the drowning Flannery, yet the Sydney Sentinel wishes him the best as he floats the currents searching for Harold Holt, who is in no doubt in even greater hiding to prevent being lectured to by a complete dud for his remaining days at sea.

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