Cage fighter disqualified after testing positive for Bundaberg Rum

Dramatic scenes unfolded at a major Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament today after the winning fighter was stripped of his title after testing positive for Bundaberg Rum.

Bundaberg Rum, famous for turning a quiet evening at the bowlo into an all-in WWE-styled Hell in a Cell tournament, has been banned from combat sports since 2018.

Rather than quench thirst, Bundy rum is said to make ordinary people not only hungry for a fight but 89% better at it.

One professional fighter is pleased the “winner” had his title stripped.

“Our sport is brutally violent already, so having an athlete sinking a few schooners of Bundaberg Rum pre-match unlocks an ungodly rage capable of placing their opponent on the NDIS list in the first round.

Pubs and clubs have decided to cash in on the rum-induced entertainment by installing boxing rings for rum enthusiasts to punch on as families relax with a hearty counter meal.


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