Gym opens in Bondi with just mirrors

Me First gym has opened in Bondi this week, providing locals with what the gym says is “none of the unnecessary exercise fads like weights and treadmills” to free up the space for thousands of mirrors covering every single surface for selfies.

“The most important part about exercise is letting everybody on social media know you’re doing it. So we’ve cut out the actual exercise part so people can get instant gratification online,” said Me First spokesperson Chloe.

“My workout of bending in front of the mirror in tight pants received over 2000 likes on Facebook this morning.”

The gym will have personal trainers available to expertly show new members the best angles, filters and posses for maximum results.

The gym also has several props like massive headphones, a yoga mat and a water bottle to use on request, should your selfie require it.

One happy member said, “I love that there’s plenty of mirrors in the bathroom for my post-workout nose shake,” adding, “It gives me the confidence to stroll the beach for the rest of the day acting like I own it.”


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