Love is love crowd celebrate the death of a man who dedicated his life stamping out criminality in his Church

Cardinal George Pell, a man of God who went against the grain to criticise those who used their position in the Church for their personal gain, has had his death celebrated by the sewers of social media by purple-hair types who only know how to take, rather than give.

George Pell spent years fighting against the transparencies and evils done by those who claimed to be men of God.

Being a fly in the holy water, George Pell was smeared with accusations of paedophilia by the very Church he dedicated his life to in an attempt to live as Christ-like as any human could.

Leftist hacks at the “The Chaser” even added the title of “paedophile” to his plaque in St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, despite Pell being acquitted of all charges.

The tax-payer funded wankers at “their ABC” have yet to apologise.

George Pell, who took his legal charges like a man and returned to Australia to defend himself, was sentenced to six-years in prison for a crime he never committed.

The man who was brave enough to clean up the mess of others’ wrongdoings will be unfairly criticised in death for the crime of being a man of honour.

However, The Sydney Sentinel believes once the curse of the woke is lifted, George Pell will be remembered as one of our most remarkable Australians.

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