Teen discovers you can play FIFA in real life

One teen today has been blown away by discovering that soccer is not just a video game but a sport you can play in real life.

“OMG, the graphics were so realistic,” said the teen, referring to his dad taking him to the park to kick a ball around for the first time. “I’ve been a FIFA player for years, but I could never imagine it was something you could play in real life with real people in a real park.”

The teen is not alone in his mind-blowingness.

“WTF, how am I only just discovering soccer isn’t just a video game, but something you can do in non-virtual reality,” said another teen whose dad finally put down his screen to get his son off his screen.

The Minister for Zoomers praised dads for showing their children there’s a whole world to explore beyond their screens but also warned parents to take things slowly.

“Most kids have never been outside, let alone talk, socialise and play with others their age,” said the Minister. “So, I advise parents to take things slowly, perhaps open one of their teenagers’ windows first and slowly introduce them to reality from there.”

Despite being stunned by the discovery that you can play sport in real life, most teens said outside was scary and would never do it again.


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