Stunning media bravely claims bloke in dress looks brave and stunning

The media have been labelled “brave and stunning” for constantly belting out articles about how “brave and stunning” a bloke is for wearing a dress.

“Bravery used to mean going against the norm,” said one local man. “But now bravery means toeing the line and doing what’s popular.”

“Real bravery would be something like saying you were for Trump, against climate alarmism and publicly stating women do not have a penis”

The Minister for Stunning Bravery had they/them/their say on the issue

“The old definition of being brave required hard work,” said the minister. “The modern definition means anybody can be brave and stunning without being either. It’s far more inclusive.”

The Footy Show in the 90s is now considered the bravest and most stunning show ever created.

2 thoughts on “Stunning media bravely claims bloke in dress looks brave and stunning

  1. Absolutely nothing brave or stunning about a man in a dress. I spent time afraid for my life all because of a ‘brave man’ in a dress who turned on me on one particular occasion because he didn’t have a pair of stockings to wear. I thought I was going to die that night. Not brave, not stunning.


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