Fast & Furious goes all-electric with sequel Slow & Steady

It was announced today that the next instalment of the popular Fast & Furious movie franchise would consist entirely of electric-powered vehicles.

“I know some fans may be disappointed by the switch,” said the film’s director. “But they needn’t worry as there will be more action than ever, thanks to EV batteries randomly exploding out of nowhere. One minute our heroes are driving their kids to school, then BOOM, all dead – jump-scares will feature heavily.”

Despite all the explosions, some question how entertaining the next film could be if half the movie is blokes standing about charging their cars.

The film’s producer countered by saying that’s actually a good thing.

“With much of the film consisting of waiting for cars to recharge, plus the races themselves being in complete silence, it leaves us with a lot of room for deep dialogue, including what Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is thinking of cooking for tea that evening.”

The studio behind the film said that if anyone doesn’t like the film or gives it a bad review, they must be climate change deniers, racist, and transphobic all at once.


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