Jacinta Price first Aboriginal hated by the left by not doing what they tell her to do

Proud Aboriginal woman, Senator Jacinta Price has become the very first indigenous woman the left is allowed to make fun of for not playing the victim card and wanting to unite Australians as one.

Inner-city lefties have called Jacinta Price a puppet for not doing what she is told to do.

“How could someone like Jacinta possibly disagree with all the other Aboriginal people that do what we say?” said a man paler than Bruce Pascoe. “We know what’s best for Aboriginal people, so for Jacinta Price to come out and express a different opinion means she’s either a redneck or her views our obviously comprised. There’s no way she genuinely thinks what she does.”

Aboriginal people disagree.

“We are not stone-age relics to roll out to bang sticks at sporting or political events in our undies,” said one Aboriginal man. “We’re landlords, scientists, lawyers and more. We’re not just the past, we’re the present and the future – not the victims the left wants us to be. Plus, Aboriginal people do not all think the same.”

Upon hearing this opinion one inner-city lefty said “who said this? Warren Mundine or some other token black they always roll out to get some validity?”

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