Whoops! Man watches entire skin flick wondering when the girls are going to join in

One local man has made an error in evening film choices after accidentally watching a fruity film, thinking women would eventually turn up.

“Dead set, these blokes were going so hard, I thought it would be an incredible bit of cinema once the girls showed up,” said the man. “Unfortunately, no women ever showed up. When the film ended with an explosion rivalling Sydney’s NYE fireworks, I realised I was in the wrong category for my trouser movement tastes.”

His roommate questions the man’s honesty.

“Seriously, who watches a rhythm flick for more than five minutes, let alone the entire way through, hoping something good is going to happen? I reckon he thought what was already happening was good.”

Despite this, The Minister of Stiffies has warned straight men to check what section of hardening videos they are browsing.

“I’ve made the same mistake at least 876 times this week,” said the minister, who now faces serious questioning from his wife.


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