God admits he shouldn’t have rested on the seventh day

After watching current society, God has revealed that believing his creation was finished was a huge mistake.

Most people feel God did a pretty good job creating everything, especially as it was his first time building a world from scratch. But also agree with God that he shouldn’t have knocked off early on the seventh day, as humans still had some much-needed refinements.

“I know the bloke tried his best, but there are some bugs he needed to tweak before rolling out humans as a finished product,” said one woman. “These errors have seen the rise of The Greens, biologists who can’t define a woman, and man-children who’d rather focus on raising Pokémon than a family.”

One man agrees.

“Browse Reddit for several minutes, and you’ll find where God went wrong,” said the man. “The place is full of God’s errors who fail to put in the hard work required to live a good life. Instead, they blame others for their self-created misery and seek virtue in victimhood.”

God says he is working hard with Allah to release a patch to fix his blunders.


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