Jinkies! Strong winds unmask the Bondi cowboys as Soyboys

Two Bondi Cowboy “satirists” have had their true-blue Aussie ruse foiled today by the wind, which blew off their cosplay Akubra’s to reveal purple hair synonymous with those who think women have superior dongs than men.

As usual, one of the Bondi Cowboys blamed climate change for all his problems.

“If it weren’t for this meddling climate change, I would have gotten away with it!” said the limp-wristed balding dwarf, who identifies as a tent boxer with a record of zero wins, zero loses, and zero draws.

His concrete cowboy partner defended himself by saying Wikipedia made an error regarding his rural roots.

“They said I was a jackaroo,” said the Claytons cowboy. “But my job was actually to jack off the jackaroos. I can see how this can be mistranslated.”

Time will tell if the Bondi Cowboys ever takes on the Sydney Sentinel writer to a boxing match for charity, with the bounty going to the Aboriginal Centre of Excellence if the Sydney Sentinel wins, and GetUp! if the Betoota Beatoffs are victorious.

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