People with “I love the ABC and I vote” bumper stickers banned from voting

Comrades with ABC propaganda bumper stickers boasting about their right to vote have, unfortunately, lost their right to vote in Australia.

One ABC employee shrieking with rage shrieked with rage.

“I’m literally shaking so hard I could barely GetUp! out of bed this morning. I can’t cope, breathe, or even moderate r/australia to delete conservative opinions in the state of seethe I’m in today.”

The Greens are equally seething.

“I expect our polling to be in the negative digits next election,” said one Greens foghorn. “What’s the point of even having the taxpayer-funded ABC lecturing viewers how to think if their vote counts for nothing?”

Regular people have also questioned the need for ABC in 2022.

“They’re about three years behind the truth or ignore it completely,” said one woman without a beard. “They’re only now reporting facts they slammed Sky News for breaking decades ago. They either have a prolonged satellite delay or are purveyors of news faker than The Sydney Sentinel.”

Q&A will be rebranded T&P (thoughts and prayers) to mourn the loss of ABC viewers right to vote.

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