A popular meme beer drunk by cosplaying inner-city cowboys has been revealed as repackaged soy milk canned and labelled as beer.

One drinker of the brand said he thought the “beer” tasted fruity, but having never been to the cosplay town the brew is bottled in, he didn’t question the feminine taste until drinking the joke beer turned serious.

“Instead of a beer gut, I grew a pair of boobs Jessica Simpson would envy. “My voice now also sounds like a jockey.”

Things have been far worse for other drinkers.

“My penis fell off after just one sip,” said one ex-man. “I also started watching ABC religiously, painted a rainbow mural of Adam Bandt, and garnished 25% of my salary to GetUp!”

Doctors have praised the beer for helping trans women transition refreshingly but warn men against drinking the estrogen-fuelled concoction unless they want to become a Reddit mod.

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