Two grown men still cosplaying as cowboys from Queensland despite Halloween ending

Despite Halloween ending last week, two inner-city Sydney leftist satirists continue larping as cowboys, in spite of having less testosterone than a transitioning cowgirl hooked up to an intravenous estrogen drip.

Ignoring that cowboys are famous for their masculine traits, the pair are more feminine than a David Jones cosmetics counter.

The duo, known for disguising the leftist “message” as mainstream macho satire, said the look was crucial to tap into their neckbeard Reddit groupthink fanbase.

“Pretending we’re rugged outback cowboys helps disguise our leftist propaganda as true-blue comedy,” said one 4-foot-tall balding cowboy who identifies as a tent boxer.

“And it works. However, a real-life man punched me jovially on the shoulder at one public appearance, and I was in intensive care for months.”

ABC supporting the couple is likely all anybody needs to know regarding their real motives.

Worst still, reports suggest they didn’t even come up with the cowboy idea or satire news site itself, which was invented by a portly fraudster who makes NWA’s Jerry Heller look like Jesus Christ.

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