Pornhub viewership tanks as teenage boys welcome in female change rooms

Pornhub has taken a massive hit in viewership since teenage boys can now identify as women for a few minutes to browse the women’s shower room for feminine delicacies including both “bobs” and “vagine”.

Biological women are concerned with the trend.

“One young fella watching us shower was shampooing what he called his feminine sausage so vigorously that he made his own conditioner.”

Teenage boys, however, are thrilled.

“I’m too young to visit a strip club,” said one boy.

“But if I say I’ve transitioning to a teenage girl for the afternoon, I’m allowed into a smorgasbord of amateur nudity without even needing to pay a cover charge.”

Women have been using the men’s change rooms since no biologicalal men are left there.

“It’s massively reduced the wait to use a toilet. Plus the women’s toilets are now clogged with used tissues.”

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