Magda Szubanski labelled “stunning and brave” for blackface routine

The Left has hailed knife and fork enthusiast Magda Szubanski as “stunning and brave” for donning blackface.

Szubanski, known to label everybody but herself as horrible/racist/homophobic/literally-a-Nazi said that her donning blackface was okay because she did it.

Left-wing Marxist hobbyists agree.

“Magda wasn’t wearing blackface for comedy, but for respect,” said one Greens senator. “Many people mistake Magda Szubanski as a comedian, yet the facts show she’s never been remotely funny in her life. So this isn’t racist like every single other person that has done the same thing we delete from existence.”

Most agree that Szubanski was never funny but disagree that she should be immune from criticism due to being the hardest soft Leftist in Australia.

“Magda Szubanski demanded Gina Rinehart apologises for her father’s racist comments yet won’t dare take responsibility for covering her own face in coal for a cheap laugh.”

Hey Hey It’s Saturday has said to be in contact with Szubanski to once again show her respect to Aboriginal people by performing in blackface on Red Faces.

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