Melbourne Cup: ignore boss saying to forget work tomorrow and just have fun today

The government has issued a scam warning today cautioning workers across Australia to ignore bosses who tell them to enjoy the Melbourne Cup today and not worry about work tomorrow.

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that this is a known scam, and your boss will not only say Wednesday is going to be a “big one” but also demand the work you were meant to be doing on Cup day, first thing tomorrow morning.

One man said he fell for this scam last year.

“When I arrived at work on Wednesday morning, my boss upgraded yesterday’s unimportant reports to urgent. Unfortunately, I’d put my final $300 on my own nose the day before, so I had as much chance of Magda Szubanski walking up a gentle hill of succeeding.”

Amazingly, the inebriated employee completed all his tasks, yet was fired for misgendering a bearded women in an inflatable dinosaur costume in the men’s bathroom.

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