Twitter users getting shredded by “literarily shaking right now”

Twitter users are getting in phenomenal physical shape, burning thousands of calories “literally shaking right now” over everything for hours.

One user said the results had been nothing short of sorcery.

“Every area of my body was a problem area,” said the Twitter user and moderator of r/Australia. “But the weight has been melting after seethingly shaking from incels posting everything from women don’t have a penis to somebody parking in a slightly inconvenient manner.”

Doctors have mixed feelings about the social media fitness method.

“Sure, they’re losing weight without having ever to leave their commode chair,” said one GP. “However, their psychological health has plummeted to Biden levels.”

With a lack of personal responsibility fuelling an endless source of hate on social media, the diet fad shows no sign of slowing down.

One psychiatrist added “forget roid rage, it’s Reddit rage we need to be worried about.”

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