Woman wearing “Love is Love” badge hates everybody

It has been confirmed today that an inner-city straight white female wearing several “Love is Love” badges, in fact, hates everybody.

One gay man said he was met with scorn from the self-proclaimed spreader of tolerance for “not being gay enough”.

“She said I was a sexuality traitor after I told her I have zero pride for who I root,” said the man. “The desire to knock the bails off with a bloke was something I was born with. What I’m actually proud of are things I’ve earnt through hard work – like being undefeated in MMA.”

A black man suffered a similar encounter with the walking contradiction.

“At first, she wanted a photo with me for her Instagram as she thought I was Aboriginal,” said the man. “But after informing her I was a Christian Pacific Islander, I was told I wasn’t the sort of black life that mattered.”

When she finally did meet her first Aboriginal man in real life, things went just as poorly. “She wanted me to welcome her to her own country,” said the proud Aboriginal man. “I’d rather she just paid her rent on time for the apartment I own that she lives in. That would be a welcome change.”

After mild questioning, the leftist sadly confirmed that she indeed hates everybody, and at most, herself.

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