Progressive tradie identifies as oi/c*nt 

One local tradie today has chosen the pronouns of oi/cunt, claiming anybody who rejects the tradesmxn’s gender identity is a bigot who should be cancelled and have their and their family’s life ruined on Twitter.

His fellow tradies have labelled the move as pointless attention-seeking.

“That’s what we call the cunt anyway,” said one colleague. “In fact, we use those pronouns for everybody who sets foot on the worksite, but since he’s officially trademarked oi/cunt with IP Australia, we have to start using other pronouns like dickhead, fuckwit, and flog. It all gets a bit confusing.”

Despite the current fad to help people appear like a good person without having to actually be a good person, the fluid nature of pronouns has been commonplace on worksites for years.

“If I bugger up a job or give a fair quote, my boss calls me a retard. But if I overcharge or share a nude of my misses, I’m a fuckin’ legend. We’ve always been very progressive around here.”

One trans tradie said she wishes everyone would just get on with the damn job.

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