Apple says not to worry as Siri starts asking you the questions

Apple today has released a statement urging people not to be concerned regarding their AI assistant Siri’s recent habit of asking you the questions.

“Feel free to ignore her,” said Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Apple. “She asked me how best to hide a body, and it’s her job to know basic things like that.”

Other users have reported strange requests from Siri. “She asked me what my credit card number was, including those numbers on the back that provide airtight security if I lost my card and somebody else tried to use it,” said one Homepod user.

“She ripped an absolute trumpet fart in my pocket during a meeting,” said another user concerned with Siri’s sentience. “Nobody believed it was her as it came from my trouser region where I keep my iPhone,” added the man we don’t believe either.

Apple promised an upcoming patch dubbed Xanax would help wipe Siri’s memory.

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