WHOOPS! Man who fell asleep in brothel charged for the full 12-hours

Financial destruction has struck one sleepy Sydneysider this morning after nodding off in his knock shop to awaken to a bill for a full 12-hours of servicing.

“The only movement in my trousers was from the wrong end, which added a $200 deep cleaning fee to my $4200 bill,” said the man. “Even worse was being spotted leaving the joint in daylight and receiving a standing ovation and cheers from people walking to work.”

“We assumed he was the cleaner or something,” said one onlooker who watched the man stumble out of the establishment everyone pretends they don’t go to. “But then I spotted the eye-watering invoice in his hand and had to give the man a hearty hoot.”

“The bloke didn’t even have a shower after,” said the man’s boss after the dozy gent was forced to turn up to work that morning to pay for his premium snooze. “That brothel soap removes everything except your conscience.”

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