Billions choosing to “work from nowhere” over working from home or the office

Australians have discovered this weekend they much prefer working from nowhere than either working from home or the office.

“Working from anywhere puts a dampener on my day,” said one man who has decided to go on Albobucks. “Work stopped me from doing all the simple things in life, like seeing my wife, seeing my boyfriend, seeing my mistress and seeing the local strumpet.”

“The whole working from home thing was good for a bit,” said one former wagie. “However, Zoom and Microsoft Teams swiftly dipped a ballsack in that ointment, and I had to pretend to do just as much work at home as I pretended to do in the office.”

Despite wishing to work from nowhere, many Australians will attend their local cube farm today due to pesky things such as rent, bills, and food.

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