Motorists can now fight fines literally by challenging parking rangers to a punch on

In a move to spread goodwill within the community, citizens now have the option to fight parking fines by challenging the issuing parking ranger to a bare-knuckle brawl to near death.

The penalty infringement notice will be torn up if the offending motorist defeats the ranger under regular street fighting rules.

“This will stop clogging up court time with boring parking disputes,” said one judge. “Offering the public a fair chance to end the matter there and then will also provide much-needed entertainment to the common wagecuck.”

One motorist who parked upside down on a pedestrian crossing was thrilled with the new laws. “When the ranger said I could fight the fine personally, I was all fists.” Adding, “After the ranger tapped out to a figure-four leg lock, he ripped up the fine, we shook hands, and carried on with our day.”

Disabled motorists who park in spots for able-bodied drivers will be allowed to use weapons, including tactical nukes, and coughing in the ranger’s direction, to even the odds.

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