Sydney event with 1920 theme a lifesaver for homesick Adelaidians.


A Sydney entrepreneur/influencer/stay-at-home-model who currently specialises in creating premium events – that are actually premium – has struck “Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee” (known as gold in other states) with Adelaide natives tonight, after promoting her latest event as “a step back in time to the 1920s”.

“The event sold out in an Adelaide minute,” the organiser/owner/blogger said. “Which translates to about a week using Australian Eastern Standard Time.”

Her surprise at Sydney’s desire for a 1920s event soon made sense after receiving thousands of letters in her mailbox, and one or two emails, from Adelaide ex-pats praising the event for making them finally feel at home in their new city, if only for one night.

“There have been some odd questions”, the promoter said. “From, ‘will there be a life-save replica of Malls Balls’, ‘will one of the courses be Fritz’ to asking if ‘The Piping Shrike will make an appearance.”

The organiser both excited Sydney residents that the event will focus on the glamour of the 1920s, while disappointing Adelaide Australians that they will be serving ‘espresso’ instead of ‘expresso’.”

Despite the mix-up between guests, the exclusive evening will be “at least 800 times more VIP than a Sydney VIP lounge,” and Epic Events promises it will continue to make Australia late (or at least, fun) again.

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