Malcolm Turnbull Fired for Being Unable to Name a Single AC/DC Song


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was sent to a detention centre on Manus Island overnight after he was unable to name a single song when asked to nominate a favourite track by iconic rock band AC/DC in an interview following the death of founding guitarist Malcolm Young.

Former NSW Premier Mike Baird, who cited “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap” as the song that inspired his career, was quick to put his hand up for the top role.

“I retired from politics to help members of my family through serious illness six months ago but everyone’s fine now,” he said. “It’s amazing what $887,000 can do for your health.”

Baird has already launched his election campaign, promising to get the greyhound racing industry “back in [the] black” and everything else in the country “on the highway to hell” in record time.

Turnbull issued a statement saying that he could reel off the name of every piece ever written by Mozart, Beethoven and Bach “like every other regular Aussie bloke” and shouldn’t be punished for this one small lapse in cultural knowledge.

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