Woman Denounces Vegetarian Lifestyle After Learning Cheeseburgers Contain Meat


A Sydney woman who has described herself to anyone who will listen as “a devout vegetarian” for the past 20 years has had to renounce her dietary beliefs after discovering she had been inadvertently eating meat the whole time.

“I was shocked to discover cheeseburgers aren’t vegetarian – what a misleading name,” the woman said. “I’d been eating at least 10 a week for the past 20 years, as it was the only vegetarian food I could find that had any flavour, so, when I discovered they are, in fact, made with beef, I had to rethink my diet altogether.”

The woman has celebrated her newfound dietary freedom by sampling some of the delicacies she had carefully avoided as a strict vegetarian, including Christmas mince pies, ants on a log and spotted dick.

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