Woman Sues Hairdresser after Purple Hair Fails to Make her More Creative


A Marrickville woman is suing the hairdressing salon that coloured her hair purple, claiming it didn’t boost her creativity in any way, even when she teamed it with a vintage dress and mismatched socks.

The passionate barista, who gets up early every day to milk her own almonds, said the change in hair colour did nothing to help her make a start on the book she’s been writing for more than 10 years.

“I’ve been experimenting with creativity supplements my whole life and, while I can confirm some things, like round, clear-framed glasses, gave me good gains, dying my hair purple did nothing,” the woman said.

Doctors have confirmed that dying your hair purple, or any other unnatural colour, will not make you more creative.

“People need to get back to basics and understand that if you want to be a creative you probably should try creating something,” one doctor said. “Creativity supplements like purple hair are for that final three per cent extra when you’ve already put in the hard work.”

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