Huey’s Cooked Adventures Explores Australia’s Top Party Spots

Channel Seven will bring Huey back to our screens this month as he explores Australia’s festival, pub, club and dodgy mate’s lounge room scene devouring jaw watering amounts of drugs.

“The only thing I’ll be cooking on my new program is myself,” Huey confirmed. “People thought I was on the nose clams anyway thanks to my colourful clothing and suspenders, but truth be told I never did anything harder than Perkins Paste.”

Huey promises to knock back all sorts of gurning gourmet on his family-friendly adventures, from the everyday pinger to the exotic flesh-eating krokodil.

“The man has an amazing work ethic,” one of the show’s producers said. “He didn’t sleep at all during the entire filming process.”

The first episode, in which Huey attends a glass barbeque with some true-blue Aussie larrikins, will air this Sunday.

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