Man Puts Air Conditioners on Full Blast 24/7 to Help Combat Global Warming

AC man

A Sydney man has declared war on global warming by putting his home, office and car air conditioners on full blast and promising to leave them on high for the entirety of spring and summer.

“Mother Nature is clearly dropping the ball with keeping the weather under control, so it’s up to us humans to fix things,” he said, adding that he was spurred into action after an unusually hot start to spring.

“From leaving the fridge doors open in the servo to wearing my hat backwards and chilling out instead of going to work and getting all hot under the collar, I’ve been doing everything I can to keep things cool, but I can’t do it alone. So, if it’s hot outside, chuck on your bloody air conditioner and crack open all the windows. It’s not rocket surgery.”

The man added that he will even be switching to cooling menthol cigarettes.

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