Luna Park Face to Undergo Plastic Surgery to Look “More Sydney”

luna park face

The famous smiling face in Sydney’s Luna Park is set to go under the knife this month in a bid to fit in better with the unnatural look favoured by the majority of local residents aged 20 or over. Showing signs of being in its 81st year, the harbour-side icon has been under mounting pressure to receive the standard combination of Botox, fillers and collagen.

“If this is the face that welcomes people to Sydney’s exclusive harbour, it needs to look as #blessed as its residents,” one Milsons Point local said. “Thank goodness it’s no longer going to look so old and haggered, or we would’ve had to ship it out to Parramatta with all the other undesirables, like the Powerhouse Museum.”

A Luna Park spokesperson agreed something had to be done.

“While the current face has nailed that perma-surprised, raised eyebrow look we all love, it’s simply not beautiful enough to be smiling so joyously,” she said. “This gives dangerous and unrealistic expectations of happiness to all the ugly-faced children who visit our park.”

In related news, Sydney Tower is scheduled to undergo a lengthening procedure to increase it to a more impressive size.

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