Call of Duty Video Game Franchise Accused of Trying to Start WW3

Call of Duty

The popular wartime-based video-game series, Call of Duty, has been accused of attempting to start World War 3 in order to keep its current business model alive.

Call of Duty operatives have been sending nasty letters between American and North Korea, according to leaked documents. Job listings from the game developer looking for Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump meme experts have also been uncovered.

Far from denying the accusations, the game developer has championed the idea, saying that if they were trying to start World War 3, it would be for the good of all video-game fans who are crying out for a fun new setting to kill each other in.

“World War 1 and 2 have been very good to both us and gamers,” a Call of Duty spokesperson said. “But after 406 Call of Duty games this year alone based on yesterday’s World Wars, they’re starting to lose the charm they were once famous for. It’s time to reboot the franchise with a sequel.”

Gamers have been excited about the accusation.

“As a gamer, there’s no way I’d actually have to go to war,” gamer FlangeMan69 said. “I can’t wait to get the opportunity to stay at home and do my country proud virtually – and let other players know I’ve slept with their mum!”

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