Australian Made Logo Branded as Racist


Violent protests are underway at universities across Sydney against the Australian Made logo that appears on products whose ingredients or production mostly originate from Australia.

Those protesting the logo claim anyone who buys an item with the logo is a bigot and should be yelled at.

A nineteenth-year Arts student who organised the Sydney-wide protest said he’d been racking his brain for something to protest against for some time now, and was thrilled when he found something new to make him angry.

“This logo discriminates against products that come from another country,” the lead protestor said. “As a multi-cultured society, this is a hateful logo from the dark ages that belittles diversity. It has to go.”

A spokesperson for the Australian Made trade mark said goods and services have no race and they certainly don’t mean to offend anybody.

“We’re simply trying to promote Australian products in Australia and markets around the world,” the spokesperson said. “I migrated from Pakistan 6 months ago, have a jewish wife, an adopted homosexual daughter with down syndrome from the Easter Islands, and am the Imam at my local Mosque… so it’s very confusing to have the word ‘redneck’ spray-painted across my house.”

The protestors said they won’t stop exercising their right to have an opinion until they force everybody to have the same opinion as they do.

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