Sydney Taxis Introduce Card-skimming-insurance Fee


Sydney taxis have announced a new fee today for those who want to safeguard their credit card from being skimmed by their taxi driver.

“After a yearlong study, we found the thing people hate most about taxis is getting their card skimmed by the driver,” a NSW transport spokesperson said. “This way, passengers can simply pay a small optional fee and the driver will promise not to use one of his dodgy card readers and skim their card.”

The new fee – which will add an extra 25 per cent onto a passenger’s total fare or $200, whichever is higher – is the latest addition to a raft of charges commonly added to taxi fares, including fees for booking, flag fall, peak times, toll roads, late nights, early mornings, short distances, long distances, credit and debit cards and the carbon tax.

Taxi drivers are threatening to stage a protest against the new fee, saying it will make life harder for everyone involved.

“We’re losing too much money to Uber already, so I’m scared that if we don’t skim cards I’m not going to be able to put a new plasma TV on the table for the family,” one Sydney driver said. “Plus, with more than 200 machines in my cab, I’ve forgotten which ones are the real deal and which ones are card skimmers. This is just going to cause more delay for passengers wanting to get on with their day.”

Passengers have said there’s no way they’d ever get in a cab again, so the fee doesn’t really matter either way.

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