Foreign Movie Hailed a Masterpiece Before Filming Begins


Critics have described a foreign film set to be released in 2021 as “a masterpiece”, even though it is still in pre-production and nothing about the movie has been disclosed except that it will be in several languages other than English and only shown three times at Dendy Newtown.

“We’ve heard rumors that every sentence will be in a mixture of Spanish, ancient Egyptian and Klingon,” a Sydney-based film critic and barista said. “It makes me feel intelligent when I pretend to laugh at obscure jokes that other people in the cinema don’t understand and I simply can’t wait to feel superior when this instant classic is released.”

Not much is known about the plot yet, however the director said it would make viewers question their sexuality, feel depressed and contemplate suicide by the time the end credits roll.

Film buffs have shared the excitement of critics.

“If a movie is easily understood by common folk it’s always trash, so the rumours that this film will be impossible to understand or enjoy excites me from my topknot to my toes,” one self-proclaimed cinephile said. “I feel seeing this movie will allow me to rubbish regular cinema-goers’ opinions for years to come. I can’t wait.”

SBS has already bought the rights to screen the film after it hits cinemas, and has stated that anyone who doesn’t like the film is a racist.

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