Ceramics a Surprise hit for Students at Randwick High


Ceramics classes has become the surprise hit for students at Randwick High, with 100% of students opting to take the elective class, and of that 100% all were awarded perfect attendance records, which is something that hasn’t been done since Blue Lagoon was one of the films studied intensively for English and biology.

“We thought they would treat it as joke,” said head ceramics teacher Mr Rimmer. “But the results have been incredible. Creativity is a major problem however, as every student has made what they call a vase. Some have called it a watering can but they all look the same to me.”

Randwick High headmaster isn’t so thrilled with the new subject, claiming that as soon as they’ve completed their water vase or can they tend to give up on every other subject completely.

“The tuck shop is loving it though,” said the headmaster. “It seems to be all our students are interested in these days once they’re finished with their ceramics projects, with record sales for pies and sausage rolls,” said the headmaster.

“At least the money raised from the tuck shop is going towards a good cause, as the staff room desperately needs more Xanax so teachers can handle a full day of teaching students who often bully teachers into early retirement when they’re just a few weeks out of uni.”

A department of education spokesperson isn’t sold on the new curriculum, saying “It’s obvious to anyone that works in a government position that what they’re making isn’t a water vase, yet a ceramic version of the timeless Gatorade saxophone.”

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