Earth Hour Supporters Protesting Vivid Sydney go Unseen


A group of Earth Hour representatives protesting against Vivid Sydney went unnoticed last night, with no one being able to see them or their pitch-black protest signs among the colourful lights of the city’s annual show.

It took the The Sydney Sentinel three hours to find the protest, which was being held in the last remaining dark alleyway in The Rocks.

“We go to all the trouble of having Sydney turn off their lights for one hour, then these maniacs make a mockery of it all by not only turning on every light in Sydney for three weeks, but importing lights from Russia to blast all over the place,” an Earth Hour spokesperson said. “Some houses even had their Christmas trees back up.”

A naturopath scientist employed by Vivid Sydney said the protesters were “worried about nothing”.

“We have heaps of electricity, and these folk need to lighten up or shut up,” she said. “Try switching on a light at home if you need proof, I bet it works.”

Festival-goers agreed with the Vivid Sydney naturopath scientist, with some describing the event as a “crucial” part of the city’s strategy to minimise environmental impact, ranking it as second only to the New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

“If anything, Sydney has too much electricity and this is a fun way to get rid of it safely,” one man said. “I heard it wasn’t for Vivid Sydney’s electricity conservation work, the whole city would blow up from all the stored electricity.”

The protestors have said they plan to continue the protests, but will consider bringing some candles next time so people can see them.

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