Migrants to Prove they can Chug a Schooner in Tough New Citizenship Test

Australian Cit

The ability to chug a beer, fill out a TAB form and use one swear word in at least 20 different contexts are among the new skills to be assessed in proposed changes to the Australian citizenship test.

Applicants will have to be able to demonstrate that they prize “Australian values” such as how to chuck a sickie, a uey and a wobbly, and an understanding that domestic violence is only okay when you’re drunk or your footy team has lost a game.

The changes come less than a week after the government announced the 457 foreign worker visa program would be axed and replaced by an “Australians first” approach to skilled migration.

“Australians can’t be expected to compete with skilled migrants – it’s just not fair,” an immigration spokesperson said. “We’re evening the playing field by only accepting unskilled migrants from now on.”

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