Millennials Offer Sex Lessons to Elderly Women Aged Over 25


Older women need to be less uptight and more physically and morally flexible to compete with younger women sexually, according to social media influencers who have begun offering unsolicited sex advice to women aged over 25.

“My sister turned 26 recently so I’m around older women all the time now and it pretty quickly became clear most of them have sexual hang-ups that younger women like me simply don’t have,” Chloe, a 22-year-old blogger/model/sex expert, said. “Most of them haven’t even done Facebook Live sex streams, had seven-way interspecies anal, or allowed their partner to hogtie them during a casual barbecue with the boys. It just breaks my heart.”

Chloe, who is best known for her nude selfies, is one of a growing number of millennials offering free sex counselling and tuition for “sad, repressed and frigid older women” online.

The move has received enthusiastic government backing from an all-male panel of experts on women’s sexuality, which noted that “while we have not traditionally sought the opinion of young women when it comes to matters of national importance, it’s clear that, in this case at least, we cannot afford to ignore them”.

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